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Introducing Choreo

Our vision is to create the leading national RIA that works every day to deliver results for our clients, our teammates, and our communities.

As an advisor, you’re committed to coordinating and connecting the complex financial needs of your clients – weaving together strategies to build wealth and preserve assets, while always providing thoughtful and tailored guidance.

At Choreo, we honor the ways in which wealth advisors like you enable clients to sustain generational wealth and financial literacy for their families and their communities.

Focused on helping advisors create an integrated wealth planning experience that utilizes purpose-built technology solutions, here’s how Choreo is reimagining the RIA experience for both advisors and their clients.

Who Is Choreo?

We are an independent RIA firm that’s home to a team of experienced financial advisors.

Our background serves as a notable advantage and differentiator among our firm and other RIAs. We’ve had the great opportunity to grow in a space shared closely with tax professionals. This served as the catalyst for building a network of experienced advisors who take a comprehensive approach to offering clients objective, fiduciary financial advice. In fact, many of our team members have spent years practicing tax planning and earning their CFP® and CPA designations, giving us a level of training, expertise and financial acumen that many financial professionals don’t have. This tax and CPA lineage helps us truly see the bigger picture of our clients’ lives – whether business owners, executives, families, or professionals. We understand the respective planning lifecycles of many client types and proactively provide guidance tailored to their specific circumstances.

Choreo advisors lead with planning first and focus on what matters most to clients. Investment decisions are viewed in the context of the client’s overall goals and objectives. And while many clients engage us initially to manage their money and help with planning, we do so much more. We are involved in all aspects of our clients’ financial (and often personal) lives.

Choreo’s Mission & Values

We help advisors bring a dynamic, positive energy to client relationships. In turn, these advisors help define, design, and deliver the most appropriate experience to shape their clients’ financial lives.

The desire to offer comprehensive planning has served as our guiding light since our team started over 20 years ago.

Over the last two decades, and as we prepare for the future, we always keep our core values top of mind. These are what drive the direction of our team and help advisors embrace our collaborative, forward-thinking approach.

These are the attributes that define Choreo and the advisors who are part of our team:

  • Aligned: We collaborate with clients and coordinate seamlessly with others they may work with.
  • Insightful: We combine deep industry expertise with a keen understanding of clients’ needs, goals, and values.
  • Engaged: We speak to clients in a way that is approachable and respectful, keeping in mind that value arises when people connect with people.
  • Resolute: We are steady and determined, having the discipline to stick to a plan during times of volatility and deliver objective advice – even when it’s tough to do.
  • Spirited: We bring positive energy and passion to all that we do and are motivated by helping clients, their families and communities succeed.

How Choreo Supports Advisors

Choreo advisors benefit from a collaborative, modern approach to wealth management. Our centralized support teams and integrated technology strive to take as much non-client facing work off our advisors’ plates so they can do what is most important – serve clients and build lasting relationships. Not only does this model provide needed support for our team, it gives our clients frictionless access to tax, estate and investment planning solutions.

Our presence is far-reaching. In fact, Choreo has over 25 offices across the country, which serve as home base for more than 135 team members.

Our advisors also benefit from a carefully designed Tech Suite that enables:

In today’s fast-paced environment, having access to resources that save our advisors time and improve the client experience is critical.

How Choreo Reimagines the RIA Experience

To manifest our vision of creating the leading national firm that redefines the role of the RIA in the advisory world, we are and will remain an independent firm. We are not obligated to use any specific products or solutions, which gives our advisors the freedom and flexibility to pull from a full universe of investment options and planning strategies. 

Beyond technology and infrastructure, Choreo is building a platform for fiduciaries who want to truly help shape our country’s financial democracy.

Ultimately, we serve more than our clients:

  • Our clients have families
  • Those families work in and often own businesses
  • Those businesses have customers and clients
  • Those businesses have employees
  • Those employees have families with financial planning and retirement needs
  • These citizens live in our communities
  • Those communities make up our country
  • Our country leads the world

Why Do Advisors Choose Choreo?

Advisors who are mission-driven, who share a planning-first heritage, who want to thrive within a purpose-built enterprise, who seek the support of a tight-knit community, who know the world of financial advice is changing fast, and who want to be the trusted partner clients look to for specialized and tailored guidance…those advisors choose Choreo.

Want to see for yourself how Choreo improves the advisory experience?

Check out our new case study. You’ll hear straight from current Choreo advisors as they tell all about why they initially chose to work with us, and why they are excited to maintain a long-term partnership.

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