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We have a rich DNA of collaborating
with our strategic CPA partners by
offering new or expanded wealth
management services to their clients.

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A relationship built
around a partnership.

Our CPA Alliance Program provides you the opportunity to enhance your current offerings, add a new line of revenue, and offer a well-rounded suite of wealth solutions for your clients - allowing you to focus on your growth by maximizing the investment you've made in building your firm.


Adding value
to your services.

Through our CPA Partners we integrate financial, tax and estate planning, as well as comprehensive wealth management and retirement plan advisory services to help your clients translate wealth into fulfillment. We leverage the latest technology to provide value-add services in today’s fast moving digital world. By adding our expertise and wealth solutions to your client offerings, we help you deepen your client relationships via strategies that extend beyond tax management.





Our CPA Alliance has real
impact on your firm and your 
clients' financial future.


Compliance and
Planning Efficiency

We help synthesize supporting tax documents and relevant information from attorneys and other parties along with providing details on transactions that have occurred during the year to save you time.

Tax Planning

We monitor annual income, engage in tax loss harvesting, help clients with Roth conversions and RMDs/QCDs, along with implementing asset location and identifying tax-advantaged investments.


We support our CPA Partners by developing planning ideas for clients to help ensure they are minimizing taxes in all facets of their financial life.

Additional Expertise
and Capabilities

If our CPA Partners need thought leadership on timely or complex topics, we’ll help research and share our wealth management knowledge to ensure they are one step ahead. 

Grow Practices and
Build Business

Planning meetings tend to generate ideas for growth, and we help our partners capitalize on these opportunities and build their businesses whenever possible.


We believe we add value to existing client relationships by providing wealth management strategies that deepen your involvement in your client's financial future.


Discover how working with a 
Choreo advisor creates real impact.

The Choreo Partner Alliance Program is offered through Choreo Partner Alliance, LLC (“CPA”), a registered investment adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). CPA is an affiliate of Choreo, LLC, a registered investment adviser with the SEC. Registration as an investment adviser does not imply a certain level of skill or training of the adviser or its representatives.

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